The value of forests - Panel discussion

The value of forests

On November 15, 2107, Reforestation World and Sustinova organised a panel discussion on the value of forests. Thanks to our panel experts and the attendants we had a lively exchange with interesting insights from different perspectives, which are presented below.

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Scaling up and multiplication of projects in the NGO area

Factors for Scaling-up and multiplication of projects

Developing and implementing projects is a core activity for NGOs. When funding is available and the first results are encouraging, projects tend to grow, be it by scaling them up or by replication. Which strategies and models can be considered? And, to make a project fit for growing, which factors and challenges should to be considered since the beginning?

To address this topic, the Sustinova team organised the workshop"Scaling up and multiplication of projects in the NGO area". The 2-part session took place in Zurich on June 1rst, 2016.

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Project selection in Swiss Foundations - some practices and challenges

Presentation prepared for Kampagnenforum workshop "Fundraising for NGOs/NPOs - advanced course", conducted on 01/04/2014. The session counted with participants from several Swiss organisations. The slides from the presentation, in English, can be downloaded above.

We focused on the selection process and expectations of grant-making foundations, based on the findings of our study "Project selection in Swiss Foundations - some practices and challenges":

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Challenges and practices for Swiss Non-Profit Organisations

Die Zusammenarbeit von Non-Profit-Organisationen und deren Geldgeber ermöglicht es, wichtige gesellschaftliche Aufgaben zu erfüllen, die der Staat und die Wirtschaft nur ungenügend wahrnehmen können. Doch wie effizient ist diese Zusammenarbeit? Was sind die Probleme und wo gibt es neue erfolgsversprechende Ansätze?

(Originally published in Solafrica's Blog - German only)


Project selection - Philanthropy series, Issue 1

Sustinova  Report 1

What are the challenges and current practices of grant-making foundations and project initiators?

From the selection criteria for grantees to the value of reporting, we collected the perspectives of 20 organisations in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

The final report of our first study on philanthropy and project development, with a focus on selection and funding, can be downloaded in the link above .

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