Scaling up and multiplication of projects in the NGO area

Factors for Scaling-up and multiplication of projects

Developing and implementing projects is a core activity for NGOs. When funding is available and the first results are encouraging, projects tend to grow, be it by scaling them up or by replication. Which strategies and models can be considered? And, to make a project fit for growing, which factors and challenges should to be considered since the beginning?

To address this topic, the Sustinova team organised the workshop"Scaling up and multiplication of projects in the NGO area". The 2-part session took place in Zurich on June 1rst, 2016.

  • The first part included a round of presentations and discussion with the guest speakers from the Mava Foundation and myclimate, two organisations with broad experience in launching and supporting projects developed by partner organisations.
  • In the second part, concrete cases from 3 project owners were analysed in a workgroup setting to highlight real challenges and best practices.


The workshop counted with participants from several Swiss organisations, both grant-making and operative. The slides from the different presentations, with additional post-workshop notes, can be downloaded from the link above (English only, PDF, 8.5MB).