Open Positions

We are currently looking for collaborators for:

Our regular SUSTINOVA activities

We are also looking for people interested in helping in the development of our structure and activities, in different areas of our association. Positions are currently on a volunteer basis only, with the possibility that some tasks are remunerated on a freelance basis.

  • We are looking for:
    • A background in sciences, public advocacy, IT, business, law or communication. In our approach to topics, we see the need to combine aspects from these areas.
    • A practical and interdisciplinary approach to solve problems, with both rigor and creativity. For example, combining organisational sustainability and public advocacy.
    • A good level of German or English (oral/written). We work in a mix of both languages.
    • Capacity to work in a lean structure, with a certain amount of initiative and self-organisation and focused on specific projects.
      • The level of effort can be adjusted to individual possibilities/preferences.
      • Remote collaboration is possible and easy to accommodate.
  • We are looking for assistance in the following areas:
    • Development of the events program, including workshops, Open House sessions and other formats.
    • Content development, including research, interacting with experts and stakeholders, preparation of texts/information pieces or assisting in translations (EN <> DE).
    • Development and implementation of methodologies and solutions, involving a mix of analytical work, IT and design/communication.
    • Communications and contact management, with NGOs and other related organisations and professionals.
    • Back-office support, including IT, book-keeping and secretarial tasks.

Shorter-term projects and development of own ideas can also be supported.

Please contact us if you’re interested in a more detailed discussion. We would appreciate if a brief description of your background and preferences can be sent with the first contact.







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