Reforestation World weekend at the Zürich Zoo

Reforestation World weekend at the Zürich Zoo

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Saturday, September 2, 2017 - 10:00 to Sunday, September 3, 2017 - 20:00
Zürichbergstrasse 221

,  8044,  Zürich,  Switzerland



The Reforestation World platform will be present at the Zürich Zoo, during the special “Going Wild” weekend on September 2 and 3, 2017, with the organisational support of SUSTINOVA.

Reforestation World ( is dedicated to highlighting reforestation projects worldwide and promoting public involvement in the topic. The focus of this event is the value of forests and the different options for their protection and sustainable use, in Switzerland and abroad.

During the last seventy years, the remaining forests in our planet have been lost at a speed and scale not seen since men began to use them. After the destruction of most of the temperate forests in Eurasia and North America during the previous centuries, the impact has shifted to tropical and sub-tropical areas. Despite some recovery in the northern hemisphere, the pressure is still high on several fronts with loss of forests for urban development, agricultural expansion, use for fuel and raw materials (as detailed in FAO's State of the World's Forests reports series) This impacts the benefits of mature forests, such as land and erosion protection, climate regulation and CO2 absorption, local water availability, safeguard of biodiversity and cultural values. How to balance the diverse needs and still ensure a recovery of forests worldwide?

2 main activities over the weekend will bring these topics to the public. We look forward to your presence!



Activity Location /
Date & Time

Podium Discussion

(in German)

Thai Lodge, Elephant House

Sat 2.9.17 / 10:30 - 14:00

NOTE: Our podium discussion has been postponed to a later date, still to be announced via our newsletter and website. The other weekend activities will go without changes. Our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

  • Title: Wald und Wildnis - Entscheidungsträger diskutieren über die Werte des Waldes und wie wir die Zukunft gestalten können.
  • Timeline:
    • 10.30h - Door opening for invited guests
    • 11.00h - Start of podium discussion
    • 12.00h - Question and answers
    • 12.30h - Apéro, offered by Reforestation World, with specialties from the „Thai Lodge“.
    • 14.00h - Close of event
  • Podium:
    • Loredana Sorg, Program Manager, Stiftung Biovision (external link)
    • Andreas Rigling, Head of Research Unit Forest Dynamics and Director, WSL (external link)
    • Other speakers to be announced.
    • Moderated by Olivia Bosshart, KION (external link)
  • Registration:
    • Required, capacity is limited to 80 people. Please use the form below.
    • No fee charged.
    • The event will be held in German.
  • Questions from public:
    • Questions for the podium discussion can be submitted in advance, via the registration form below. A pre-selection will be made by the organisation.


Sat & Sun / 10:00-20:00

  • Description:
    • At the stand, visitors can learn more about the Reforestation Word platform, the importance of reforesting the world and organisations active worldwide. Some of the Swiss partner organisations will also be present at the stand over the weekend, for a direct interaction with visitors.
  • Timeline:
  • Registration: Not required.
“Draw a tree, we plant it”


Sat & Sun / 10:00-20:00

  • Description:
    • The “Draw a tree, we plant it” action is a special activity that will take place next to our stand. Children and other visitors are invited to draw a tree and select one of the partner organisations. For each drawing, the corresponding funds are provided to the selected organisations, so they plant the trees in their projects The drawings will be made and displayed around our stand. The goal is to have a forest of drawings that can become a forest of trees!
    • With this simple action, we expect to give children and adults a tangible connection to a tree and a notion of the work being done around the world, while making a concrete contribution.
    • The funds come from private donors who support such projects.
  • Timeline: Saturday to Sunday, from 10:00 to 20:00
  • Registration: Not required.
  • Co-sponsoring: If you are interested in co-sponsoring this action or knowing more about it, please contact us via



For questions or suggestions, please contact us directly via

The entrance to the Zoo, a daily ticket for adults, should be covered by the guests.

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