Newsletter October 2015




Newsletter October 2015

Dear friends and readers,

A short update on the latest news from SUSTINOVA, in our new newsletter.

Open House series:

The Foundation Green Ethiopia will be taking the stand for our last, promising session of 2015. They will explain how they are planting nearly 5 million trees per year in Ethiopia together with the local communities and which types of benefits they expect to create from there.
You are warmly invited to join us for another informal evening discussion and ápero with professionals and people interested in the area. November 11, between 18:00 and 20:00 at the Erkezimmer of the  Zentrum Karl der Grosse (near the Grossmunster Zürich). More details and registration here.

Attendance is free. Prior registration helps us with the planning but last-minute attendance is also possible.


The workshop on project multiplication being planned by our team has been moved to late January/early February 2016. Final details and registration will be available from the end of October 2015 onwards.
Thank you for your responses to our quick survey “Design your workshop”. Further input is still possible and, as always, welcome!


For this month, we have the first of a two-part series contribution from Simon Pfister, the managing director of the Foundation Green Ethiopia. Based on his doctoral work on Sustainability Measurement frameworks for NGOs and its application in Green Ethiopia’s approach, he gives his perspective on how organisations can define and aim for sustainable development while retaining the flexibility to evolve as needed.

The discussion is open for “The art of sustainable bean counting”.

Changes to SUSTINOVA's site:

During the coming months we will gradually disclose our “behind the curtains” work from this last year.
Our website will change along the way to allow for a greater involvement of the community. During this period, we will gradually disclose membership options, functionalities of the SUSTINOVA platform and partners involved.
For this month, we would like to highlight our Donations Central, a pilot project with private donors started in December 2014.
Additional information regarding our current activities can be found here.

Lastly, we are also looking to expand our team. Spontaneous questions are welcome. We have some clearly specified areas of need but are also open to explore further possibilities. More details here.


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