Design your workshop




Design your workshop

As part of our work, we keep an ongoing contact with NGOS, private and institutional supporters, and various professionals and organisations in the area. One of our goals is to identify issues that fit our focus and where Sustinova can contribute, e.g, by connecting stakeholders from different sides and advancing the discussion in a practical and goal-oriented manner.

Based on this exchange, our team is now planning 2 workshops. Until the 15th of September, those interested can share with us their preferences on the content of the workshops. To participate, read on and complete the form below.

Our idea in brief :

  • We will focus on the topics of "Project multiplication" and "Funding from non-traditional sources: Venture Philanthropy and Impact Investing".
  • The first workshop will take place in early November, in Zurich. Details will be communicated during the second half of September.
  • Each session is thought for 10 to 20 participants, professionally involved in the area. Specific questions and examples can be indicated beforehand as a focus point for the sessions.
  • We like to see things from different angles and based on actual experience. As such, we will look to include the input of different stakeholders (NGOs, foundations, experts, etc) and focus on an open and productive exchange.
  • The fees are accessible to the attendants and adjusted to the size of the attending organisations or individuals. We see it as one of the ways to support this field, in line with our goals.


The form below is only for input, not for reservations. We will use the provided e-mail to inform you when the workshop details are made public.

Topic 1) Project multiplication

Topic 2) Funding from non-traditional sources: venture philanthropy (VP) and impact investing (II)

Additional details

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